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OMG MOAR POEMS! Stage 1 - Final Story Script - 90%
Minor adjustments during posing

OMG MOAR POEMS! Stage 2 - Character/Scene assembling - 30%
Scene 1 assembled, Scene 2, 2,5, 3 and 4 waiting

OMG MOAR POEMS! Stage 3 - Posing - 13% 
Scene 1A posed.
Sleepy Stage 4 - Rendering - 0%

Sleepy Stage 5 - Main project file | Script Final Review | Proofreading - 0%

Sleepy Stage 6 - Post work and text placing - 0%

Sleepy Stage 7 - Final Revision - 0%

SleepyPost Above Stage 8 - Packing and Uploading

SleepyStar! Release: ??? ??, 2017. 
I've got too much work to do. Pictures rendered = 0 final renders 
(0+, partials, fixes, tests and resource renders) 


Or you can download it at once here at D.A. for supporting my work - Price: 100 D.A. Points at

Workflow: Sleepy Awaiting - OMG MOAR POEMS!Working on it - CURSE YOU! Done - Post Above Uploading - Star! Story release date
Stages: 1script - 2Assembling - 3posing - 4rendering - 5proofreading - 6retouching - 7revision -8Release

Update 1 - Yah! I could do something today! And Audrey is finally looking the blonde I always wished!

Update 2 - I'm doing a ton of stuff, real life... Next weeks are going to be complicated :S

Update 3 - Almost two weeks and only today I was able to work on CT. As I said before, we must be patient, real life is taking most of my time. Next step, rendering Scene 1A (scene 1 has 2 stages), assembling scene 2.

Will you sir please follow the journal with the follow-up? It is very important to me.



Hello, guys.

Like I said before, a lot of stuff is going on, then, I have to chill and do stuff.

The next chapter of Cheap Tricks is waiting for me to have more spare time for it, I mean, even with the first scene assembled I still need time for posing it.

About the other stuff I do between the chapters, there was a surface rendering bug that was bothering me in the last chapters and made me literally change the script of the last scene of Domina's Valley and I had no clue how to fix it, at least not with the tools I had, Dark eyes, teeth and "cold" skin looking and, the nightmare, mirror reflections that simply refused to fully render the skin shader.


thanks to your support,

 these last weeks, in my short and rare spare time, I've been able to buy some new stuff for playing, one of them is an additional skin tool that I've been testing every 10 minutes I have.

Fortunately, most of my girls already looked really nice with my custom made skins, the point is that this new "tool" was able to fix the "mirror bug" and even allowed me to correct some others error and add more detail to the renders while saving render time, all this with a quite easy new skin setup. 

Then, to complete the improvement set for 2017, I changed the light configuration, renewed post-work workflow, did a new hair surface (like you guys can see in the last post), everything ready to be applied in the next Domina's Valley. Of course, applying it in cheap tricks will depend. It will need to fit the scenes already built or we will see it later.

Here are the tests and results. Next job will be Cheap Tricks, I promise.

original/new test 1


eye closeup - new test 1


original / new /original / new


Mirror test
New (Jessy 1 and Giselle 1 working) / Original (without workaround - weird Jessy weird Giselle) 


Monique Eyes natural reflection

Monique test 







Eden - Eye reflection test 

Original mirror test with workaround - Cold light and Skin (small room) + mirror skin rendering not showing correct skin behaviour

New skin and light setup - Warmer room (more accurate to that scene), absolutely same skin behavior in the render and mirror, smoother ambient occlusion


Original setup - kind of ok, dark eyes and teeth

 New skin and light setup - Aditional skin details, no cold shadows over the skin, full awareness of where Jessy is looking, more natural room lighting (no new ambient occlusion config yet)

Hello, guys.

I'm just making a new update here. I'd like to tell you guys that this year I have a ton of stuff to do, sadly, a bit more complicated than the other years.

I finished stuff I use to do between chapters, some tests and finally slowing down with the comics for a while, nothing to worry, just real life asking for more attention for a couple of months.

Cheap Tricks script's done but I need to find time to make it, unfortunately, I'm not sure when it will be released.

I'll be back with the old pace as soon as I get stuff done.


CURSE YOU! Stage 1 - Final Story Script - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 2 - Character/Scene assembling - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 3 - Posing - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 4 - Rendering - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 5 - Main project file | Script Final Review | Proofreading - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 6 - Post work and text placing - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 7 - Final Revision - 100%

CURSE YOU!Post Above Stage 8 - Packing and Uploading

CURSE YOU!Star! Released: December 25, 2016. 
Ho-ho-ho to everyone!

Domina's Valley 18 - Valens' Charm by bmtbguy
I've got too much work to do. Pictures rendered = 288 final renders 
(50+, partials, fixes, tests and resource renders) 

Price: 640 D.A. Points at
Workflow: Sleepy Awaiting - OMG MOAR POEMS!Working on it - CURSE YOU! Done - Post Above Uploading - Star! Story release date
Stages: 1script - 2Assembling - 3posing - 4rendering - 5proofreading - 6retouching - 7revision -8Release

The great Cold is about to end!

I'm preparing the next chapter of Donina's Valley after some hard work rebuilding scenes that were corrupted, broken files, some age study and story maintenance for both Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley. I did also a good part of the work for this chapter, a lot of new stuff directly related to chapter 17: Chapter 18 begins on the same day of chapter 17, and then, a couple of weeks later, the last days of the season because Spring is right at the corner.

I will also give you guys one of the nicest previews I ever gave. That's just a fraction of the intensity I'm trying to put in this last chapter of Winter, enjoy it.
*TT's scene is in the same city of the Afternoon, it was only rebuilt because the file was bugged, it won't be part of this chapter.

+Update 1: I committed a huge mistake. I should have about 90% done now, then I realized the last scene was completely out of place and would compromise the 1st chapter of spring, also, there was a ton of stuff more related to spring in this chapter, then I had to keep the scene and more stuff that was done for next chapter and borrow some stuff from the next chapter to this one. I'm going to place a new scene that was not in the original script, really important to the plot and that I think you guys will like. I'm sorry but this chapter will have a small delay. I hope I can have everything done for late December.

+Update 2: Finishing the 3rd Scene for rendering and preparing for the 4th one. This month began kind of complicated. I'm still working to delivering it this month.

+Update 3: Heading to the last scene after some fixes for Scene 3. The 4th Scene and it's characters are finally assembled, remaining choosing a second outfit needed for a complicated character I have... Ah, she has so many trouble finding something that fit's her, uh... precious things. I hope Santa help me delivering this one :P

+Update 4: I'm finishing the poses for the last scene. Yes, it is finally heading completion. After this, while rendering the last scene's 50+ renders, I'll put together the main project file, review the script adjusting accordingly to the renders and then send to proofreading. And with this last update, before the release, I spoil the last scene of the chapter. Not final yet, maybe I can change one thing or two. Confirming a small participation of Eden, that is not shown but, a small participation of Eden is always huge because of reas( . Y . )ns.

+Update 5: We're nearly there. I'm on the last pass of revision, I even learned some new stuff and have found an app to help me with my most common language mistakes and it's helping me a lot to remind of English language classes lol. I'm not sure when it will be online, the internet sucks at this time of the year, but I'm working on it.




Domina's Valley has one thing that is easy in it's chronology: it has 6 chapters per season, closing the first "book" in the 24th chapter.

The point is, with characters so "young" that have just grown into their 18's in a city where women keep growing despite of their age AND during a wave of growth that is completing 2 season - Autumn and Winter - , it is necessary to be sure of some specific data.

Some of you have been asking for it and I'm finally making it. I'll keep posting the advances here. 

Please join us, share your opinions :)

Draft 1

+Update 1 - Yes, it is incomplete. I have to check Data from the old times, crossing the ages of the older characters to make sense - their height and proximity with the city itself makes the difference. One thing must be clear: big girls grow in Domina's Valley, not in Domina's Mountains, where Jana, Vivian and some others live. Why? I would need to finish the "Origins" script, the ancient story that I use to give life to the lore to tell you..

CURSE YOU! Stage 1 - Story Script and/or Review - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 2 - Character/Scene assembling - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 3 - posing -  100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 4 - Rendering - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 5 - Main project file | Proofreading - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 6 - Post work and text placing - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 7 - Final Revision - 100%

Post Above Stage 8 - Packing and Uploading - 100%

Star! Released - October 1st 2016.

D.A. - 

Mature Content

Cheap Tricks III -12 - Weapons of Mass Distraction by bmtbguy

GiantessCity -…
GTSartists -…

Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.Pictures rendered = 278 EVIL Laughter!
Free at or 100 D.A. Points at
Workflow: Sleepy Awaiting - OMG MOAR POEMS!Working on it -CURSE YOU! Done - Post Above Uploading - Star! Story release date
Stages: 1script - 2Assembling - 3posing - 4rendering - 5proofreading - 6retouching - 7revision -8Release

+update - This chapter is a mess, I mean, chapter 11 should be the most irrelevant and boring chapter of the series - the base script was all about Vanessa feeling lonely, Audrey feeling impotent, a dinner with Steve's dad, a close into Tony's situation in Jail, Karina conducting her plan with her team letting Audrey out due to anger management and ending with Debra being dumped from her store (I hope this phrase was written correctly), finding trouble finding equipment, making their first moves against Jack and a big role reversal in the story - a poor 150 pictures chapter. Then I revised it again and again and man, no growth and despair is not the subject of Cheap Tricks, I mean, chap 10 was, despite of all the growth, a big turn off because they were so good and then that, if I did that in chap 11 and minimal growth it would be horrible, also, the efforts into making all the new characters, scenes and "1 appearance stuff" would be ridiculous, taking time of a 4 chapter story for a single poor one. When I begin assembling the team - a bit after the teaser - I realized that I was going to take 4 months for doing it in my average speed - shit. While posing it and making tests I did some adjustments in the script and added some extras, needed ones, like Karina and Jessica growing, Monique's participation and then the growth fight between Marina and Vanessa in the dream. The chapter has grown too much, but it was a relief because I had to assemble only 2 new scenes and 3 characters that from scratch and making the extra growth scenes were enjoyable, I could finally move my efforts for DV17 that would be more complicated than I ever imagined - with all the new stuff and render problems all the time saved in chap 11 of CT was consumed. Now, chapter 12 - that is 11 part 2 if we consider the original script - is growing a lot too, thanks to the new ideas and the fact I don't need to care about render number or story extension. I'm doing some extra stuff, I hope you guys like it. Also I did a pool about one of this extras:…

++ update - Nearly there :)

  • Listening to: Furious fans of a computer while rendering
CURSE YOU! Stage 1 - Story Script and/or Review -  - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 2 - Model/character assembling -  - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 3 - posing -  - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 4 - Rendering  - 100%

CURSE YOU!  Stage 5 - Assembling main project file and proofreading  - 100%

CURSE YOU!  Stage 6 - Post work and text placing - 100%

CURSE YOU! Stage 7 - Final Revision - 33%
First stage done, stage 2 sent to proofreader, stage 3 awaiting response.

Post Above Stage 8 - Packing and Uploading - In Progress

Star! Release date - This Sunday, July 17, 2016.

Hmm. Evil plotting in progress.Pictures rendered = 314 EVIL Laughter!
Price - U$D 7,5 / 600 Points

Workflow: Sleepy Awaiting - OMG MOAR POEMS!Working on it -CURSE YOU! Done - Post Above Uploading - Star! Story release date
Stages: 1script - 2Assembling - 3posing - 4rendering - 5proofreading - 6retouching - 7revision -8Release

+update 10 - Nearly there. In an hour or so online.

+update 9 - Only good news now: Internet connection fixed, text placing finished, awaiting for the last 2 revisions, 1 from the proofreader and another from me. This Sunday we have a new chapter of Domina's Valley!

+update 8 - Good and Bad news: I'm making the text placing and proceeding to the final revision - BUT my internet connection is way too crappy to upload the final file, this was also the reason the proofreader didn't receive the text last saturday... I asked for tech support and in about 24 hours it might be fixed. Now it is 2 PM GMT (look here in the red clock), the release won't be before this same time tomorrow. :(

+update 7 - There is it, 314 pictures, a gorgeous cover, text organized and sent to proofreading. Now I'll take care of the extra renders, post work and etc. In a couple of days we'll have the comic online :)

+update 6 - Yep, time to keep going. No new surprises in the next steps, I promise.

+update 5 - Scene 3 still has problems but I managed to render most of it, about 165. The other 35 are a 3 render conversation that will be changed or deleted, some key renders of the story and some growth but, I have about 15 really complicated ones to render, I just need time to decide how to fix them like I did to the beginning of the scene - dude I was getting crazy because that was critic to the story. Soon I post more info, I hope to release it in 10 or 15 days. 

+update 4 - Scene 3 was reviewed but didn't render a single picture, crashing in every way it could. After 4 days dissecting it I could render the end of it and, hopefully now, it will render the largest part that happens inside TT's. I exchanged many parts and configs, also divided the scene into 3, maybe I would need to divide it again, all will depend of the stability of the rendering now. The story should be released between this weekend and the next one but now I'm not sure. I'll keep you guys updated.

+update 3 - Scene 3, one of the biggest one I've ever done, about 200 renders, nearly done. Maybe some content will be moved to next chapter, let's say I underestimated the growth sequences ;)

+update 2 - I've lost about 25 "pictures" because of a stupid program crash, W10 engineering epic fail. Loosing 25 "frames" is a lot when it involves key poses and a growth sequence. The only good thing is that a growth sequence got much better, bad thing the fury access I had and that today and that I should reach 60% of 3rd scene...

+update 1 Here are some previews. Full resolution pictures only browsing the blog post… (I won't post them here because of my upload limit)

CURSE YOU! Stage 1 - Story 
• Adjusted to not exceed the render number (+ story to fill in the blanks)

CURSE YOU! Stage 2 - Model/character assembling

CURSE YOU! Stage 3 - posing

CURSE YOU! Stage 4 - Rendering

CURSE YOU!  Stage 5 - Organizing story and proofreading

CURSE YOU!  Stage 6 - Post work and text placing

CURSE YOU!  Stage 7 - Final Revision

Post Above Stage 8 - Upload

Star! Release date -  Today

EVIL Laughter! Extra Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. - Moving all remaining assets to Chapter 12 ;)

Workflow: Sleepy Awaiting - OMG MOAR POEMS!Working on it - CURSE YOU!Done - Post Above Uploading - Star! Story release date
Stages: 1idea - 2Assembling - 3posing - 4rendering - 5proofreading - 6retouching - 7revision -8Release
This is a big one, no preview here, all the sequence is in my site.

Take a look here, you won't regret:…

Working a lot these days, stuff is going really slow :(

And the scene I was creating for Cheap Tricks didn't work at all... this annoys me, I'll have do do it other way. While looking for a better scene I had the chance to fantasize about something else, then I did a little essay.…

Scenario: The girls from Domina's Valley University had grown too big and they had to move somewhere that fits them. As they keep growing, the height difference grows more and more. Jessy managed to get back growing and she was having fun teasing Professor Tyson, the blonde sisters were towering above men with their massive thighs and ass and Alice keeps being the tallest model, but not the tallest girl. Meanwhile, female students keep having random growth spurts. That time Professor Veronica's attention was caught by Giselle who was having another breast growth followed by several inches in height at the same time Professor Stanley panics with Monique bending while having her monthly colossal growth spurt, and that may not stop util her hips hit the 24' (7,4 m) tall ceiling. The good news is the year it is just beginning!

This is just a concept render, we have a long way to go until they get this big but, don't worry, I must grow them a lot for reasons related to the story line.

And yes, I'm trying to do something with Cheap Tricks and Domina's Valley while I get other things done.

*update - It's working!

Time to begin with this scene!

While the oversized Vanessa is missing Tony I'm doing stuff that must to be done, sometimes making some tests with my girls and etc.

I've found also I have to rewrite Domina's Valley 17 and maybe the rest, the script must be adjusted thanks to the cuts I did in chapter 16, but the most important is that the story lines will follow as planned.

Cheap Tricks 11 will also suffer some modifications: all these stories have been written in a role, one after the other, and after a while, while reading them, I feel something is missing, that something I've done in DV 16 and that was also there in CT 9 - extreme script adjustment to explore the focus - POV, growth, comparison, etc.

That's it, talk to you guys again soon.

Chapter 16 is going to be big as usual: 210 renders until now and there's still a scene to be rendered.

Take a look at the test renders I did:…

These renders are from the last scene of this chapter, staring Jana with visible bigger breasts and Eden wearing a very comfortable outfit that, in her opinion, is the best one.

If everything keeps going this way I might finish the chapter in the first half of January, not sure of the day yet because I'll send it to proofreading after everything is done. 

If you can, save/buy some points for purchasing this chapter.

I wish you guys a great 2016.


Take a look in my site and discover more info from Cheap Tricks and the last random renders.

Maybe you'll find a preview there too ;)
I'm uploading some more old Stuff, just for keeping all my comics organized and online here :)
Here I am again organizing stuff and uploading old stuff at DA while I rest after hours posing Cheap Tricks.

Now the comics will be separated from the Bonus renders.

That's it. Keep Growing :)Bmtbguy Gigi Growth Minigts 
Time to Catch some Hot Witches!

Take a look here:

This one is an extra chapter, a gift to all my followers.

Best wishes ;)
Here is it:…

Hello guys, you know me as Bmtbguy, and I'd like to clarify some stuff.

  1. I'm a MiniGiantess lover. I was a lurker, now I'm a GTS artist (I make my own digital art).
  2. This is a hobby work that I love. This means that I spend a lot of time and money on it (I pay models and software "d'oh").
  3. Everything began with the Story Cheap Tricks. It IS for free and it will be for free FOREVER, despite the fact it has a DONATION download version. See it for free here:
  4. The donations were a nice way to help me to keep Cheap Tricks going and also add Tales From Domina's Valley in the same scheme. It didn't work. I had to make ONE story pay for both.
  5. Tales From Domina's Valley series is my only paid work. It supports all this hobby work. If you are a giantess/growth/tall girl/breast lover and like Cheap Tricks, buying Tales from Domina's Valley you will help me keep these works going. If you can't do it, just enjoy the modern Cheap Tricks with all the knowledge, hardware, techs and models I bought for doing it, of course thanks to Domina's Valley sales.
  6. Want to see my best in one place? It is in Cheap Tricks, it is hosted here just access it!
  7. Payments via my selling partners are my only ways to pay. Sorry, I couldn't have more options because of costs.
  8. I love this number :) Here is my Store:livethegiantessdream.blogspot.…
That's all. We appreciate the same stuff, let's keep it alive :)